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What’s In A Great Video Production?

Video ProductionTo create a compelling video production is to create shots with a clear creative goal. A crucial step in video production is pre-production, the essential planning that goes on before the camera is picked up and which video editing software to use. The starting point of any video production process is to define a goal, an idea that can be clearly communicated with words. Regardless of how big the project is, writing an idea down will force you to consider details from beginning to end that becomes the driving force behind any creative product. By going into a video production blind, time and money will be well wasted and likely break the project.

A producer is a key contributor to a good production. They organize the different parts of a project into an appropriate and effective sequence as well as organizes and plans a shoot. The producer and director work closely together to answer questions such as the number of crew members, supporting actors and actresses, the duration of each shot, and if any motion graphics are needed. By creating an initial outline, this ensures that the producer and director will stay on track with the goal in mind. The real starting point of a project, however, begins when the scripts are being written, where ideas come to life.

The Essential Steps Of Video Production

A video production goes through three essential steps. The story that is written, the story that is shot, and the story that is edited all of which can take be spun multiple ways to get a different result of the initial goal in mind. The editor has a key responsibility in making decisions of what shots to use, voice-overs, dialogue, music, graphics, and technical tasks. Overall, the variety of roles and responsibilities that go into creating an effective video production is to communicate better with your audience and continuously producing better projects.

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