If YOU (pick at least one):

– know the value of attention in getting more leads/sales online
– understand how powerful video is in storytelling, brand awareness, and educating future and current clients
– feel you’re falling behind your competition in awareness

But YOU (pick at least one):

– don’t feel comfortable on camera yet
– have a hard time coming up with ideas
– haven’t put any content out on your social media channels in a LONG time
– think video is far too expensive

Then the “Micro Master” package is for you.

What is the Micro Master package?

It’s weekly, short form (15-30 second length) video content that talks directly to your audience.

It helps you position yourself as an expert in the field.

And it’s focused on providing VALUE for your audience.

This ain’t some used car salesman hard sell (apologies to the good used car salespeople out there).

This is about working hand in hand with your long term marketing strategy to build relationships, create brand awareness, and “fans” of your brand.

Good content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, and we’re here to help you on your path.

Best of all? We’ve got some INSANE DEALS this month to get this offering off the ground.

Ordinarily, here’s the specs on the Micro Master package:

– a 2 hour roadmapping session ($400 value). This is where we deep dive into your business, talk about your needs, and create a content strategy that fits your specific business and your specific potential customers
– 2 hour shoot (with professional lighting, audio, and me and my 14 years of video production experience with you on set) where we take care of your month’s content in one efficient shoot
– 5 micro content videos (15-30 seconds in length), perfect for weekly content for your web and social media channels
– 1 set of revisions, to ensure that we get the look and feel of these videos just right
– licensed music tracks to help brand your video
– a logo animation and graphics to polish these gems

Our regular price for this offering? $600 monthly. That’s $120 per video.

But this ain’t our regular offering, oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no…..

..no no no no no no.


Because you’re helping us get this new offering off the ground, we have some CRAZY deals for our first clients to sign up.

Our first THREE new clients get this package for $300 a month (on a 3 month agreement).

Our next FOUR new clients after that get this package for $400 a month (on a 3 month agreement).

And our next FIVE new clients after that get this package for $500 a month (on a 3 month agreement).

That means you could get professional videos, including the concept, scripting, shooting, and post production for as little as $60 per video!

The best part?

You’re grandfathered in on that price for as long as you keep your subscription active!

There will never be a deal offered by us quite as good as this one!

If you’re ready to beef up your marketing efforts, and create content that can:

– increase your following on social media
– up your brand awareness
– attract new leads and customers
– increase your SEO efforts on your site
– get you easily attainable ROI

This is the product for you!

If you know of a business that would benefit by a boost from the Business Builder Buddies (us), send us a message, email at [email protected] or phone at 780.993.9014.