In 2015, I was offered the opportunity to work with Jim Warner and Art Raham (Shadow Art Camera Services Inc.) to aid in their production of Jr. Gone Wild’s “Barricades: The Hockey Riot” music video.

This was my first time working with Jim, but like all good producers, he had his ducks in a row, organized the shoot well, and gave the shoot the structure needed for Art to get some great shots. Assembling this bad boy was a snap.

I first met Art when working live events for Aquila Productions in the year…oh, let’s say 1982, sixteen months before I was born, and it’s always a pleasure getting to work with him. Lately he’s been getting pretty drone happy (most likely due to owning a drone), and despite the news stories, this one did not deliver the stuff I ordered from Amazon, so I can only rate it three stars in quality.

All joking aside, Art’s a phenomenal shooter and one of the legit drone operators in Edmonton that you can hire, so I’d highly recommend searching him out. OR just click this text that I’ve so cleverly turned into a link.

In the meantime, enjoy the video and help Jr. Gone Wild out, they’re good guys. Way nicer than you, Kevin!