Imagine your company makes one product: a plastic footstool.

Now imagine your company made somewhere in the neighbourhood of $15 million in sales in 2015.

How did you get there?

I’d imagine if you took this question to a focus group, you’d get a lot of sensible, but mundane answers.

I’d also imagine if somebody answered “by making a unicorn poop ice cream”, you’d see the rest of the group immediately dialing 911 on their cell phones.

The line between genius and criminal insanity must be a thin one, because that’s exactly how Squatty Potty put themselves at the forefront of the viral video scene in late 2015.

Featuring a tiny pooping unicorn and a prince narrating, the video currently is at over 15 million views on YouTube, with over 46,000 likes, under 2,000 dislikes, and tons of scatological humour.

It’s not an easy task, talking about toilet time, but the spot is so over the top in cartoon silliness and poetic writing that it gets away with it.

I love the spot, because Squatty Potty had dealt in content marketing before with much safer material.

This particular video has a very respectable 3 million views, but that’s over a 3.5 year period. The Unicorn video hit 15 million views in less than 3.5 MONTHS.

Ultimately, the Squatty Potty had been trucking along with media exposure from Shark Tank (their investor actually advised against the video), Howard Stern, Men’s Health, Huffington Post, The Doctors, NPR, and others. But the undeniable explosion of exposure, engagement, and ultimately sales just shows the power of strong content marketing.

It’s a battle for eyeballs in the YouTube world, but if you give your customers entertaining, thoughtful, and downright funny material, you can really help your company’s exposure.

Yeah, no s**t.