Global Edmonton

It was a huge relief to be able to return home to Edmonton and keep working in video. Global Edmonton’s creative services department was a great place to work, some talented producers and fun clients to collaborate with. Here’s some of my personal favourites from my time there.

Edmonton Oil Kings: Teddy Bear Toss

This is probably my favourite spot from my time at Global. I still remember rounding up every Global staffer we could to chuck bears at John Sexsmith and Louie the Lion. The end result was a lighthearted spot that I think fits the Oil Kings brand well.

Gateway Toyota: Wrestler

Gateway Toyota had recently moved into a much bigger location than their old location, and we needed a way to get across the notion that “Bigger is Better.”

Having professional wrestler Azrael chase a small child around seemed to accomplish that, no problem.

Credit to the kid, he could wheel. I think that chase carried on for about 47 minutes before Azrael got tired and had to go lie down for a while.

U of A: Kids In The Crowd

We were looking to update the U of A Kids in the Crowd spot with a fresh look, and this “Sportscentre” styling is what we settled on.

It helps bring a big feel to the spot, and bring some life to the supplied footage we had to work with.

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