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Video Marketing As The Content King

Video marketing means exposure! 

Video MarketingYouTube has seen an exponential growth in becoming the second largest search engine next to Google. Nowadays, people are typing in their questions just like they would to Google and are watching videos in high quality with informative content. This makes video an invaluable resource to drive brand awareness and traffic to your website when produced with patience and professionalism. As video exposure has become a strong branch in the realm of content marketing, it is possible to see significant growth in only a matter of days.

Video marketing means growth!

Take the examples of companies of DollarShaveClub and Blendtec whose success was hinged on viral videos. After posting a comedic viral video on YouTube, DollarShaveClub accumulated 12,000 new customers within 48 hours. Blendtec strategically showed how good their blenders were by creating a video series that directly answered customer questions. They also jumped onto trends such as dropping the latest iPhone into their blender.

As the video got continuously shared on social media platforms, Blendtec and DollarShaveClub became engaged with conversations from fans and users to what should be blended next. Does this sound like something your business is looking for?

The Focus Of Video Marketing

The entire focus of video marketing, however, is not to create viral videos. It’s to create video content that will resonate with your target market which can be achieved by building high quality and highly targeted material. You always want your viewers to watch until the very end, and to achieve that the first few seconds of a video are the most critical.

This can often be achieved in stimulating an emotional response. Regardless of how you decide to utilize the first few seconds, video marketing embraces nearly all of the fundamentals of general content marketing. By creating highly visual and engaging content that speaks directly to your audience, videos can be a huge asset to your marketing efforts.

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