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Videography And Cinematography

Videography refers to capturing moving images on electronic media. It also encompasses methods that go into pre and post production. As opposed to cinematographers, videographers operate with smaller crew sizes and often work solo. A videographer oversees your entire project from start to finish and is responsible for all aspects of your video production. If this distinction has already been made, why are people still getting confused?

VideographyVideography and cinematography are terms that people often use interchangeably. Or, they might say that one is better than the other. Sometimes they might say that a videographer is simply just the person behind the camera while a cinematographer captures a feeling. However, the qualities of a great videographer have little to do with equipment. Having professional equipment is definitely a plus, but this should not be compared to a cinematographer. In essence, cinematography or a cinematographer is a marketing term that adds some spunk to the its “duller” counterpart.

Qualities Of A Great Videographer

Behind every great videography production is a great videographer. A good videographer pays close attention to these specific concepts. They are always looking to learn and improve their current skills. By having the right equipment and keeping up with technology, it will become noticeable easier to use. From professional cameras to smartphones, you can really see a difference once you invested in great equipment. This does not mean that a videographer should immediately jump to the best and newest camera. As a videographer hones their skills, your equipment grows with you.

For videography to be successful, videographers learn to work with their surroundings. A good videographer learns how to adapt fast to change. Angle and lighting are extremely important in production quality. To enhance a specific shot, a videographer has to know how to use natural and artificial light to make the environment look beautiful. When it comes to creating attractive videography, videographers are always looking to find the best angle and lighting.